Rosebud Episcopal Mission

Mission, SD

The Rev. Lauren Stanley

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"I was amazed at what I could do with a little guidance.  It was fun, educational, and empowering; and the end product helped someone to create a new beginning in a new home.  The recipient gets a voice by being able to choose their own art, and the creator gets a voice by being able to create the gift of art. Fantastic!" -Megan

We support the GLORY program

by providing arts and craft materials.

The Church of the Holy Cross

2455 Gallows Road

Dunn Loring, VA 22027

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Art and Soul sessions are an experience where people learn to tap into their inner artist

and create paintings to support ending homelessness.

"Your gift of this art is a gift of yourself. Thank you for helping turn empty apartments into welcoming homes."

– Christy Respress, Executive Director, Pathways to Housing, DC

St. Thomas Episcopal Church
8991 Brook Road McLean, VA 22102
Phone: (703) 442-0330

St. Thomas is the sponsoring parish for the Art-n-Soul program, and most of the sessions are held in the parish hall of the church.

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