Art and Soul sessions are an experience where people learn to tap into their inner artist

and create paintings to support ending homelessness.

"The Art-n-Soul ministry has enabled me to be transparent and vulnerable to God’s creative force free from judgement and the pressure to perform. Every stroke of the brush leads to creating special moments, places, memories and revelations only revealed through the eyes of the beholder. There is no greater reward than to share this creative and spiritual force in a tangible way with those who are starting over. Thanks again."– Michael 

Believe • Create • Laugh • Give

Come and paint with us -- no experience necessary! We help you explore your creative side, and we provide the tools needed to paint something wonderful. You just need to be willing to enjoy some good music, food, and  other people also looking to spend an afternoon doing something fun and creative, that gives a gift to another. The paintings shown here have been created during Art and Soul painting sessions lead by The Rev. Jamie Samilio and a team of artists.  Pathways to Housing in Washington, DC distributes the art to its clients. Pathways clients are people who are no longer homeless, and have moved into permanent new homes. The paintings are made available to the clients as housewarming gifts from the people and communities that sponsor the painting sessions. For more information on joining us to paint or to sponsor a session, please see the GET INVOLVED link.

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